The Giver Movie VS Book

Movie Vs Book The Giver is about a community that has no choices and they have to follow the rules and think the world is a happy place. Jonas is the main character and gets chosen as the Receiver of Memory, the most honorable job. You get memories sent to you of people making choices, color, music, and so much more exciting things. In my opinion the movie version of The Giver is better because it adds so much more to the movie. The changes that made the movie better is more exciting more about his family and friends, that they made an ending with no cliffhanger, and a villain. They added so much more with Jonas spending time with his friends and family. They added a part where Jonas and Fiona ride down a watchtower thing to show Fiona what some of the memories he’s gotten are like. This added because it shows that even though it’s a boring community they can make it fun for themselves. Another thing that added was they made Asher a drone pilot and Fiona a nurturer. I think they did th…

Grandpa's Life

Grandpa’s Life! My dad had gone to lunch with my grandpa while I was at school. I called my grandpa later that afternoon to see when we were going to do the interview. My grandpa doesn’t really show a lot of emotion so I couldn’t tell how he felt. I’m pretty sure he was happy about it because he was laughing a little bit during the interview. I chose my grandpa because I haven’t ever interviewed him for anything. In fifth grade I did a project on my family ancestory and I asked my step grandma for everything and not my grandpa.   It was Monday morning in Paso Robles with a little bit of drizzle and strong winds. We just got back from feeding and cleaning the horses pens. My dad and grandpa were making breakfast when I asked him when we were going to do the interview? He said after breakfast to get it over with so we could go riding. My grandpa doesn’t show much emotion and doesn’t really talk and it’s really hard to get my grandpa to talk.     My grandpas face is usually red and is bald …

What Is Radiation?

Dictionary Definition: the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, especially high-energy particles that cause ionization.Some types of radiation comes from heat and the sun. You can also get a lot of radiation from your phone. If you get a lot of small amounts of radiation then it raises your risk of cancer. If you get a lot of radiation in big amounts then you can get radiation burns. Radiation burns can cause loss of hair and it damages skin. The greatest concerning types of radiation is thermal, radio frequency energy, ultraviolet light and ionizing radiation.

Everyday Things With Radiation

The television because an average american watches about 4.5 hours of tv per day which is 1 mrem of x-ray radiation. Flat screen TVs and computers don't use ray tubes so they don't use x-ray. Drinking water because it comes from soil and rocks and the dose from that is 5 mrems per year. Another is natural gas from stoves and things like that and the dose is 5 mrems per year. Consumer products like, fluorescent lamps, cell phones, watches, clocks, ceramics, and glass give some sort of radiation and the dose per year is 9 mrems. Soil because they have radioactive particles that give 35 mrem per year. Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from decaying uranium and you can't see it so it can be in your house without you knowing and its 200 mrem per year. Medical imaging because it's radiation going through you and the dose is 10-10,000 mrem per screening.
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How harmful?

It depends on the amount that you're on your phone, tablet, anything really electronic. When you get low pwer amount then it doesn't harm you but medium can lead to vomiting, sickness, headaches, and fevers. High power can cause cancer.
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Do Your Phones Emit Radiation That is Harmful?

The amount of radiation refers to the rate that your body absorbs the energy from your phone. You want a lower number because that means lower radiation. Most phones for sale fall between 0.35 and 1.59 watts per kilograms, that is the maximum radiation allowed from the U.S. Government. Yes, radiation is harmful to you because it increases your risk to cancer. Your body absorbs the radiation through your tissue where your phone was held. The degree of exposure will depend on the type of cell phone, how far the person is from their cell tower, and how much time is spent on your phone. Phone radiation can cause health issues also. Non-ionizing cell phones aren’t as harmful as ionizing radiation (x-rays, etc.). The effects of non-ionizing cell phones is they can cause insomnia, bone density in pelvis, and can affect brain activity. Children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic force because our skulls are thinner and our brains are still developing. click here for link

Alcatraz History

Alcatraz was once a penitentiary years and many convicts call Alcatraz "The Rock". Alcatraz was the premier maximum security prison. Alcatraz now is one of the most famous tourist attractions when at first no one would want to ever go there. Previously there was a lighthouse there and a civil war fort.

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